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Family Pictures

Our little family has been overdue for some pictures. Kira scheduled a photo shoot a few weeks ago, but we got bombarded with some awful weather. We gambled, and postponed for another couple of weeks. The Saturday we were scheduled to take them again was better weather-wise, but I was just beginning to recover from a cold, and the wind was bringing in some frigid temperatures. 

We went through with it, even with all of the difficulty, and we are quite pleased with the results. Here are just a few of them. We are excited to have Baby #3 join us next year for more!

In other news, Carver has become quite dramatic in the last week or so. He is also listening intently to each of us, for better or worse. He overheard one of Avey’s tantrums the other day and now he practices in his most accusatory voice, “You!” Kira recently taught him to say, “Totally cool!” which usually comes out more like “Toaly Coo!” Then, just yesterday Carver started making a drum beat with his mouth on the drive home. Apparently I do that in the car sometimes.

Yesterday, I asked the boy what he wanted to eat for lunch. He looked off into space and tapped his lips with an index finger. Then his eyes shot wide open, and he said, “Idea!” while making the sign for it. I shared in his enthusiasm and asked what was his idea. He then went back to tapping his lips and staring off into space before again shouting “Idea!”. The cycle continued for a few minutes before I decided to give him a slice of bread.

My semester is officially over, and Avey is onto her last week of school. We are excited to head back to colorful Colorado for a few days soon. Happy Holidays!


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