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Farewell Wishes

The kids survived their week back at school, however begrudgingly. We are all very much looking forward to our summer break, though it’s still likely to be our busiest ever. I am scheduled to teach two courses (assuming they get filled), and supervise those 5 students’ research projects.

On top of that all, we have been very seriously considering moving to Indiana, and are leaning more and more that way as we get looking at how much more affordable housing is there. Naturally, we’ll let you all know what happens.

I have been very slowly recovering from my cold. My energy is still not quite back to normal, and my nose is still runny. Hakan seems to have caught it also, as he’s gotten grumpy and lethargic while also dealing with a stuffy nose. It was nice to have him pleasant while it lasted.

The cold weather continues to plague us, as it is misleadingly sunny, but with a bone-chilling breeze. That is yet another reason we are looking forward to our summer.

There’s not much else going on here in terms of updates. We do have some funny things to report from Hakan, despite his foul mood. Because my bicycle was stolen, Kira has been driving me to and from the train station (or library) each day, and the kids have to come along for the ride. I tell them all farewell, and then Kira reported to me a few days ago that Hakan always shouts a few words of advice to me after I’ve left the car. For example, most days he shouts, “Don’t get stuck on your phone!” One day this week, he shouted, “Tell them if you get sour food!”

I was putting him to bed last night, and as I was leaving his room, he shouted about the sour food again, and then said, “Make sure there’s a bad guy!” before laying down to go to sleep. I suppose he’s still getting the hang of the goodnight wishes, but compared to “don’t let the bedbugs bite,” he’s making pretty good sense.

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