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Father’s Day ’11

Another nice Father’s Day this year; got a nap, a nice meal, a few gifts, and a sincere apology from my child. It was pretty funny actually; a couple of days ago Avey and I were home alone, getting ready for bed, and Avey told me in her most apologetic voice, “Daddy, I’m sorry that I’m getting older.” I was sincerely touched that she would know and care that I am saddened that she will not always be my “little” girl, but for a moment I was also horrified that I had somehow warped her. I took a moment to have a mini-freak-out imagining that she would be some kind of Peter Pan complex case – still acting like she’s 3 at age 15, still sleeping with stuffed animals when she’s 20, still demanding that everything in the house be green (her favorite color), and so on. I used the opportunity to explain the terms “mixed feelings,” and “bittersweet” to her. She seems like she’ll be okay getting older now, but agreed to still live next door to me even after she is a mommy.

In the car yesterday Avey and I were having a conversation, and she was being a little bit argumentative. I asked, challenging, “Do you wanna fight?” She snapped right back, “No Daddy! I do not want a piece of you!” For some reason idioms are hilarious when toddlers use them. They’re even funnier when they use them in slightly wrong ways. This father thing is the best job I’ve ever had by far!

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