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Father’s Day Tribute 2017 By: Kira

Wow! Eli has been an A+ dad for 9.5 years now! I may have covered it all in past posts, but nonetheless here goes! Eli is an awesome dad. Each of our kids at the dinner table tonight told him things they like/love about him. They mostly talked about how he plays with them, chases them, and is a human jungle gym. He truly is a very good playmate, both with physical games and with quizzing/question games at the dinner table. He rarely explodes with anger, unlike me, and is so good at lightening the mood. He calms my extremes and craziness, for which I am very grateful. In addition, he does most of the dishes, most of the trash, all the haircuts and baths, etc. Truly, if you add it up, I’m not really sure what I do around here! I am humbled and grateful and in awe of this man, the fabulous father to our children. With love, Kira PS I opted for honoring my father differently this year than on this blog, but he’s still awesome too!

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