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Father’s Day Tribute 2018 by Kira

What can I say different from past years’ tributes? I am not sure. Eli continues to be nearly a picture perfect father! While his patience gets tested and his energy drained much more regularly than when we just had little Avey, he still rises to the occasion. When the house gets full of tension and arguing, he suggests “question games” and other games at the dinner table to lighten the mood and give the kids the attention they want and need. As we prepare to move, he has packed 95% of the entire house by himself! I see him renew his efforts and make a conscious, consistent effort to be a good dad. To play with them, to give them attention, to let them talk and be listened to. And so, I think Eli has won the “dad of the year” award again!

As tribute to my own father, it’s hard for me to put words to my feelings. As his cancer has spread and become terminal, I have regrets of not being able to spend more time with him. Thankfully, I was able to go see him and my mom, all by myself, last weekend. It was precious time for me to spend alone with just them. While with him, I shared some of these thoughts with my dad. This is just a quick, incomplete list, not in chronological order:

I love you, you’re a good dad, you’re a good man.

I’m happy for/proud of you…

For improving your spirituality

For your improved tenderness toward others

For becoming a better listener 

What you taught me…

How to work—HARD

How to dig in and get it done 

How to clean a toilet 

How to mow a lawn

How to water ski

How to do a “cold call”/sales call

How to do filing and computer/secretary work

How to be brave

How to be friendly 

How to serve others 

How to be kind evyen when others are not

How to ride a bike 

How to drive 


Water skiing 

Lake Powell

Yard work 

Monster when you hid on the top bunk bed 

Jump up hugs

You sleeping really anywhere in any noise, but also taking naps on the living room floor at lunch 

You singing 

Singing with the quartet 

Impromptu songs at home

Singing as a family 

When you were ward choir director 

Sleeping pills-aka Whoppers 

How you liked chocolate turtle treats

Your refusal to get up on Cmas morning 

How you get up early on Saturdays

“You’re welcome to stay as long as you like, but I’m going to bed”

I’m thankful for…

Your kindness to me when I made driving mistakes 

Your support at school performances

Your support at the critical/important times

Being there, being an active part of my life 

Open communication 

Any regrets…

Not calling more often or regularly

Not living closer

Not seeing you more often 

Not having more time with you 

I love you dad, and always will~Kira

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