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Father’s Day Tribute 2019 by: Kira

Father’s Day Tribute 2019

Better late than never!


This year I have a new thing to appreciate and applaud Eli for: his home improvement, building, fixing skills at our new house! He might have a running tally in his mind of all the projects he has completed since we moved in nearly a year ago, there are many! Some of his work includes new door knobs on multiple doors, shelves in cupboards, dishwasher fixes-multiple ones, a FENCE!, light switches, redoing a whole room for Hannah, painting, plugs in drains, and those are the initial ones I can remember right now! He has a PhD in talking and thinking and how our brains work, but in the last year he’s become an accomplished handyman too! Maybe when he’s tired of teaching, he can get a job doing home repairs. Something else Eli added to his repertoire in the last year is a satirical news site he started with some of his family. Rain or shine, tired, or really really tired, he makes sure there’s something new to post there every day.  Some of us would run out of ideas and clever ways to write them in about a week, but he continues on with determination and finesse. These new things have been added to his full-time job, longer commute, four kids, dishes, cooking, cleaning, and helping care for a new dog! He is tired a lot of the time, but still has that natural gift, that he has practiced and honed well, to be an excellent manager of time. He accomplishes more than most people in a day, and I’m always amazed by that. As in the past and always, he continues to try to talk and play with his kids, and tickle the boys plenty! We are so blessed, and grateful for this amazing man in our lives and family! We love you Eli!

My Dad-Terry Lee Cope

I suppose the tribute to my dad this year is different because he met our Maker, and left this earth on December 3, 2018. Last Father’s Day, I knew he didn’t have much more time on this earth, I believed it was only a few months, and it was. I am grateful, and cherish the visits I had with him in those last months.

I visited him and my mom on a solo trip last June. Then I took my whole family, and saw my sister and her family, including my parents, in July. In September, my parents and siblings and I finally took that trip to Disneyland we’d always talked about as kids. We pushed my dad around Disneyland in a wheelchair because his strength was waning. We got great pictures. In November we had lots of family discussions, I had a few phone calls with him, and we had a family prayer before he became unresponsive. My mom carried the burden, rose to the occasion because she had to, and in some ways in my mind, became a sanctified saint/angel on earth as she took care of my dad more and more as the four years of cancer passed. In the last month, my dad‘s sister, Marva Rupp, joined my mother and helped shoulder the burden of caring for him as his body succumbed to cancer and he needed more and more help. My mom and my aunt have my eternal gratitude for taking care of him in those final days. Of course, others came and helped also, and the outpouring of love at the funeral, and the cards and emails were abundant and wrapped me in love when I needed it.

I could go on about many other details, and perhaps another time I will. But for now, my main thoughts are thankfulness for recordings of my dad singing, a recording of a priesthood blessing he gave me last June, and feeling like we had the time and took the opportunity to forgive each other and clear any grievances we had had in the past, to be together, and to express our love for each other. I am thankful to be at peace with my relationship with my dad. I don’t worry about where he is, and I am thankful for that as well. But I miss him, and I’m sad for the opportunities, and time my kids will never have with him.

He wasn’t perfect; no one is. But I saw him grow, progress, and improve himself as a person, and in Christlike attributes (especially in his last years), and at an increased rate as the cancer ate his body, it refined his soul. I’m grateful for the good things he did, the good examples he left me, and that I have hope that I can become a better person because I watched him do it.

I love you, Dad. Yours truly, Kira

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