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Father's Day Tribute 2020

To My Dad:

My recent thoughts and memories of my father today are mostly the good ones. I remember the end of his life, the cancer, the process of dying, and saying goodbye.

However, in the last few months I mostly think about his time before cancer. His natural connection with his grand kids, especially the toddlers, his tremendous work ethic, his humor, his familiar, melodious and beautiful singing voice, and how much fun it was to watch him water ski! I sit here with a smile on my face relishing the good times, and I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me an earthly father that taught me well, that was supportive, and loved me.

I love you Dad! ~Kira

To Eli:

This year for Father’s Day, my initial thoughts are of gratitude for Eli. I have listed in past years many of the fabulous things he does. I appreciate how he gives me time away from parent duties to do other things. I admire all of the work he has done to improve our home, and teach himself how to fix and build things. You can see the evidence of his handiwork everywhere, and I am proud of his accomplishments and ability to learn how to do new things and get it done!

I appreciate the opposite things in Eli‘s personality that complement mine. When I’m stuck on a problem with kids, with a client situation at work, or in other areas, I can bounce  ideas off of him and it is supportive, helpful and gives me another point of view. Eli is a good example of boundaries with compassion and love in his relationships with others. This is something I’ve become more aware of and have been working on for myself and I appreciate his good example. He is a handsome, intelligent, capable, supportive, amazing man! I am grateful he is my partner and the father of our children.

I love you Eli!

With Love, Kira

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