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Father’s Day Tribute-by Kira

Happy Father’s Day! In tribute to my father this year, here are 10 fond memories I have of him, in no particular order:

1.  Holding onto his waist tightly while we rode the motorcycle in the summer evenings

2.  Teaching me how to cut the lawn

3.   First, teaching me how to water ski, then taking me to water ski every summer, and being my biggest cheerleader for this sport 

4.   Riding in the back of the truck to go get 7-Eleven Slurpees

5.   Teaching me, mostly patiently, how to drive a car

6.   Curling and styling my hair for church

7.    His super loud whistle

8.    His beautiful singing voice that can make me laugh/smile or cry

9.  Jump up hugs in which I would jump up into his arms for a big hug then go down in a handstand and then he would flip my legs over to get down

10.   His goofy jokes and sense of humor and overall friendly nature

And there are many, many more! I love you, Dad! 

And here are 10 fond memories, among many, I have of Eli in his role as a father, in no particular order:

1.   Pretending the baby can talk by using a little, high voice to have the baby carry on conversations with others 

 2.  Watching him, and having his help, with changing countless diapers!

3.  Being amazed at how he allows the boys, in particular, to use him as a human punching bag and jungle gym

4.   Playing the question game so the kids can earn bites of their food at a meal

5.   Being amazed, daily, at his creativity to encourage the children to accomplish the tasks that need to be done

6.   Being grateful, daily, for his patience with the natural chaos that comes with a house full of kids

7.   The tickling games

8.   The refreshing, positive energy he brings home at dinnertime that buoys us all up

9.   His love of music he shares with all of us and how it gets the kids doing their cute and funny dance moves

10.  Falling in love with him as a father all over again as he holds his newborn child and cuddles with them, watching the sweet bond that develops between them.

I love you Eli! I am grateful you are the father of our children, and they are very blessed to call you dad! 


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