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Fathers’ Hats

As another Father’s Day comes around, I have begun to reflect upon the many different types of work that are associated with fatherhood, at least around our home. Here are a few of the “hats” I have worn over the past few years, in no particular order:

  1. Chauffeur

  2. Interpreter

  3. Salesman

  4. Hostage Negotiator

  5. Diplomat

  6. Law Enforcement Official

  7. Sanitation Technician

  8. Hair Stylist

  9. Fashion Designer

  10. Pedicurist

  11. Manicurist

  12. Dental Hygienist

  13. Actor

  14. Voice Talent

  15. Life Coach

  16. Personal Therapist

  17. Bodyguard

  18. Dietitian

  19. Phonetician

  20. Crayon Art Critic

  21. Movie Screener

  22. Imaginary Food Taste Tester

  23. Singer/Voice Coach

  24. Physical Therapist – specializing in walking development

  25. Teacher

  26. Mentor

  27. Confidant

  28. Teammate

  29. Storyteller

  30. First Responder in Crises (mostly kissing “owies”)

  31. Speech Pathologist

  32. Punching Bag

  33. Personal Chef

  34. Janitor

  35. and, my favorite role, Playmate

For time’s sake, we sum all of these roles into one word: “father.” With all of the many roles a father must play, and the thousands of “hats” they wear day to day, I tip my hat (pun entirely intended, and probably awkwardly worked in) to all of the men in the world who have been any one or more of these things, or thousands of others, to me. Happy Fathers’ Day!

As a part of our celebration, we went to the Wishing Star Petting Zoo on Saturday: something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time! Here are a few highlights:

When we got in the car and asked her what her favorite animal was she said, “The cow statue.” It was a little plastic cow head stuck on a bale of hay. Oh well… at least I enjoyed petting the bunnies…


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