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Feels Like Summer

[Yes, that is also the title of a Weezer song]

We have slowly recovered from our wave of illness, and so we were feeling up to a beach excursion. As I mentioned last week, Kira has been hoping to go to the sand dunes in Indiana for some time. The dunes are right alongside the shore of Lake Michigan in Indiana, so we went prepared to get wet.

The spot we ended up at was not exactly what we pictured for the sand dunes, but the beach was better than we imagined. You may recall from our trip 2 years ago that the water was far too cold for comfort, and the shore was much too rocky. Ergo, we were expecting to spend most of our time in the sand. We were pleasantly surprised to find that, although there were much larger waves than our last experience, the water was perfectly pleasant, and the shore was sandy and smooth the whole way in.

Merritt was shy about the water, so spent most of his time tasting and tossing the sand. He was caked in it for most of the trip, but he had a smile on his face most of the time, too.

Avey practically lived in the water, having a grand time braving the large waves as they crashed into her. She took out a kick board and tried letting the waves push her back into the shore, which was a lot of fun also.

Carver had tons of fun in the water, too, though the waves were a little too big for him to brave alone. Avey and he held hands for some of the time, and he otherwise held steady on Kira or me. He also made good friends with a little boy, maybe 2 years old, who cracked up at all of Carver’s slapstick moves.

Kira and I mostly just tried to keep an eye on the kids at all times, but we had a great time also. It’s nice to finally do something that feels like a summer activity. 

Kira leaves for her sister’s in Utah this weekend, so I’ll be a single daddy for a few days. I don’t know who’s more terrified – the kids or I. Hakan has been painfully transitioning out of a nap for a couple of weeks now, making the whole house miserable from about 3 p.m. to bedtime. Thankfully, Merritt has been mostly back on track with his night sleep. All I hope for Kira’s trip is that she has an awesome time, and that my nights aren’t complete nightmares. We’ll see if I can post on time next week…

Merritt is clearly understanding new words and phrases. When I say, “outside,” he knows to get his shoes. When he’s eating and I say, “get down,” he reaches for the latch on his high chair tray. He can say a few words hit-and-miss. He’ll nail down “no” sometimes, usually when he’s mad, and he gets pretty close to “fishy” [“wishy”] when he sees Avey’s betta. He ought to be telling all sorts of interesting stories very soon.

In the meantime, wish me luck…

#Happenings #LittleGems

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