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We are so busy with the normal routine of feeding, bathing, clothing, and tidying up after our kiddies that we are often wont to nothing else. I have hoped to get to hanging some Christmas lights on the house, and we still have some holiday shopping to do, but every time we get a few minutes of quiet, we find ourselves either doing other chores that desperately need doing, or relishing in sitting down. 

Somehow, we managed to pull ourselves away over the weekend for some events in a neighboring township.

There was a free showing of the holiday film, Elf, at the theater, which the older kids enjoyed (although Carver asked me about 40 minutes in why it was so long). And then we got to enjoy a kid-sized train ride, and admire an ice sculpture:

Hopefully the kids will remember these times with fondness, because it was mostly chaos and stress for Kira and me. 

The kids remain in strange phases. Carver still has a rough time getting talked into eating, and Hakan has been keeping us on our toes with his sleeping. For a few nights in a row, he woke up somewhere between midnight at 3:00 a.m. as if he were ready to start the day. To keep his squeals of delight from waking his brother, we resorted to bringing him into our bed and laying him down so that he could get the picture that it is still sleepy time. Some nights it has worked after he lays for a long time with us, but a few nights either Kira or I have had to get up with him so the other could actually get some sleep. He gave us a few nights of rest, but then started up again on Saturday morning, keeping me up for an hour. 

Fortunately, the semester is almost over, so I have little scheduled, but it’s certainly not good for our health. We hope this phase passes soon.

Otherwise, Kira is feeling much better with the pregnancy, and has an appointment coming up soon. We are excited to learn the gender in the next few weeks, and are taking guesses!


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