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Finally Four

Yesterday was Hakan’s long-awaited fourth birthday! He had been looking forward to it since Carver’s birthday in March, so he was so happy that it had finally come. 

He decided that he wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and that he wanted it in the shape of a heart, so I threw that together. 

Poor Carver couldn’t enjoy the cake. We talked to him days in advance about what he would like to do instead, and he said he’d like some of the gluten-free doughnuts we found. We made sure to go to the store the day before the celebration, only to find that they were sold out. Kira went to another store that night, and did not find them there either. She tried the first store again, just in case, but they were still out. Carver took it well, and had some of the brownies that I froze for him about a week earlier. 

We had Hakan open his presents in the morning, and he was so excited at all of his nifty stuff. The thing he was not thrilled about was his bike. I got him a bicycle with no pedals so that he can just use his feet and learn to balance and steer. He hated it, and declared he never wanted to ride it. Fortunately, later in the day I asked if I could show him how it works, and then he had a good time on it. 

He already popped his helium balloon this morning after being too rough with it. He also lost an eye on a stuffed snake that Avey gave him (he loves it!), but I have superglued it back on. He likes to carry around a $10 bill that he received, making me nervous that it will get lost somewhere, and he has already spilled chocolate all over his brand new Batman pajamas. So, he’s a typical 4-year-old boy. 

He kept changing his mind about what he wanted to do to celebrate. He started out thinking we would go to the zoo, but then changed his mind and didn’t want to go anywhere. Carver kept trying to talk him into going to a place with bouncy houses (where we went for his birthday), but eventually he settled on having a water war in the back yard. 

It was a great day for it, because the temperature was in the high 80s, and the local splash pads do not open until Monday. Kira had bought the kids some squirt toys as consolation prizes for Hakan’s big day, so they got to use them a lot.

We then topped the day off with Wendy’s for dinner, more birthday cake, and then bed. Hakan had a wonderful time, and we are so glad to have him in our family.

Other events of the week included my second root canal on Thursday. It came not a moment too soon. I had to be on a constant dose of ibuprofen to keep the pain at bay, and I have not had any since my appointment. I can finally drink cold water again without screeching in agony. Hooray for modern endodontics!

We have been spending a lot of time packing and making preparations for the move. The appraisal of our new home took place on Friday, but apparently it takes 10 days to get the report, so now we’re waiting.

Carver’s school had a little “graduation” ceremony for his completion of kindergarten, so that was fun to help him mark the milestone.

We also attended the awards ceremony for the writing competition that Avey won. She read her poem, and was presented with a certificate and ribbon. The boys had a hard time sitting still and keeping quiet for that, so they went home as soon as she was done, but she did a great job!

Have a happy Memorial Day tomorrow!


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