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Why ever do I continue to put myself through the torture of higher education? I have three essays to write this week, and probably the most difficult test of my life coming up on Tuesday. The real irony of the whole thing is when I remind myself that I’m forking out good money in order to have the “opportunity” to do all of this.

Avey, deep in thought…

On top of all of this, Christmas and its accompanying stresses keep poking into my stream of conscious thought. Some years I wonder if it wouldn’t make more sense for everybody to just keep their money and buy their own gift that they really want. If you do the math, you probably spend about as much as you receive, right (parents and grandparents excluded)?

Oh, by the way, we haven’t gotten around to doing our Christmas letter this year. If you’re that interested, just review the past 50 or so posts on this blog. Better luck next year.

Avey sits on Daddy’s shoes for some light reading


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