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First Official Mother’s Day

Feeding is going much better for the three of us! Avey has started to cooperate as much as she can right now. It’s pretty funny to watch actually. Imagine trying to feed a blind man spaghetti using only chopsticks. That’s kind of what it looks like. The mess it makes is comparable anyway. Little Avey aims her mouth up and flaps her tongue around trying to get little tastes of the food while Mom and Dad are landing most of it down her chin. But she’s making faces of less disgust and actually got a few good swallows in this week. Before we know it she’ll be making breakfast for us…

Today was Kira’s first Mother’s Day as a real bona fide mother. What must that be like? I wouldn’t know. You’ll have to ask her. What’s it like being married to a real mother? Now that, I can answer. It’s great! As most mothers, Kira is a very selfless and thoughtful person and makes it clear that our daughter’s well-being and health is a priority. She shows her love through words as well as countless hours feeding, cleaning, rocking, soothing, and playing with Avey. She’s given up her work and a lot of her free time and freedom to dedicate her life to a child. Charity is something she shows every minute of every day through our beautiful daughter.

I, of course, having had one of the greatest mothers of all time, understand the humongous blessing it is to have such charity in the home all the time. Good work, all you mothers out there. Keep it up.

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