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First Snow of the Season

It’s been a remarkably mild autumn so far, so we were beginning to feel a little like all of the talk we’d heard of the frigid temperatures was exactly that: just talk. And then we saw yesterday in the forecast. It was our first snow in Illinois, and it was all that we had imagined. 

We got probably 6 inches or so before it finally let up. Then I was off to shovel our two-wide driveway, which did wonders for my back. My strapping young sons watched from the comfort of the front room.

Hakan was very curious about all of this cold white stuff falling from the sky, and quickly mastered the word, “snow.” Once outside, however, he trotted around for a few minutes in it (wearing Carver’s cowboy boots), and then found a nice, freezing cold puddle that he could plow through a few dozen times. He had a grand old time, and then after finally dragging him inside, we discovered two things: that the boots were not waterproof at all, and that Hakan must have an enormous tolerance for discomfort.

Most importantly, we built a snowman. We somehow ended up building him leaning over as far as possible without falling, but at least that way, when we look at him from inside the house, it looks like the wind is blowing wildly as if about to carry him away. 

The night the snow started, we all attended a variety show put on by Avey’s school. Avey decided that she wanted to read one of her original poems she’s written since we moved here. She was so brave to stand in front of all the crowd and read her poem all alone, but everybody loved it, and she was great.

The weather will warm up a little this week, but we’re sure that more snow is coming. We are excited for a great Thanksgiving!

#Happenings #LittleGems

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