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If you’re reading this right now, it means that someone made it through. Someone survived. We’ve fought them off as best we can, but it appears all of our efforts have been in vain. For every one we kill, two more take its place. We are nearly overrun. The worst part is the fluttering. The constant fluttering, the chills up the spine, the surprise attacks after opening every door. These moths will be the death of us all. Our resolve is waning, as we are down to our last 2 functional fly swatters, and running out of places to bury the dead. Whoever gets this, please tell our story, that others might know of our plight…

Seriously though, I hate moths. For the last 3 days they come out of nowhere as soon as the sun is down, and then they fly around our lamps, smacking into the bulbs and each other like idiots. Do moths even have brains? Or are they like jellyfish, just drifting and annoying the rest of the world?

Anyway, this was quite the week of novelty. We went to a circus Monday night, where Avey got to see real clowns, acrobats, tigers, a bear, and even ride an elephant (she’s the only one facing the camera):

The elephants put on quite the impressive show, but Avey seemed more concerned about her little cheese crackers throughout the displays. She doesn’t seem to get how cool it is that she rode an elephant. I’m nearly 30, and I’ve never even touched an elephant!

We also decided to take the plunge this week and get Avey’s hair cut. Here is a photo of it at maximum length, having never been cut since birth:

When we suggested she get the haircut, she said that she wanted a “boy haircut,” like mine. We tried to get her to explain why she wanted it that short, but didn’t ever really get a great reply. After a little coaxing, she agreed to keep her girl cut, but declared that she would get a boy haircut someday and just walk behind everybody so that they wouldn’t see it. Here she is during the operation:


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