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We had an interesting day yesterday. We have local hot springs that we’ve wanted to visit for some time now (basically since we moved), and we finally made time to do so yesterday. We had taken Avey to some hot springs in Idaho a couple of years ago, and she absolutely loved it, but it had been so long and she loves to swim so much that we figured we should make the trip. Not to mention we have all been quite stressed of late, what with my job, Avey’s potty training, and Kira’s work and church responsibilities.

We, of course, opted to bathe clothed, and were in the minority, so we wondered if the others thought we were squares. Luckily, after a few minutes another younger couple came with their small child, and they were all clothed too.

On the whole, it was enjoyable and relaxing. Avey had a blast and didn’t even seem to notice that the other people forgot their suits. I guess we dodged that traumatic experience but maybe we’ll go when it’s darker next time.


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