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Flying Solo (with one passenger)

Summer Break for me also means Summer Break for Kira in some ways. While she’s going to take advantage of my being more available around the house, she’s decided to pick up some more hours at work (to more quickly get her professional license), and has taken the opportunity to go and visit her best friend out-of-state for a few days. 

Avey opted to stay home with me. This makes an interesting scenario for all of us. This is the first time ever that Kira and Avey have been apart for more than a few hours. And while I take care of Avey a couple of days a week, I’ve never been this much of a stay-at-home dad. 

This is Day 2, and things have gone smoothly so far. Kira gave me a crash course on doing Avey’s hair before she left – I had tried it before a couple of times and mostly just got my own fingers all tangled up in rubber bands and hair. It’s turning out much better now; I’d take a picture, but Kira’s got the camera with her. I’ll keep practicing…


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