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Four on the Fourth

We are pleased to have celebrated the anniversary of Carver’s birth this week. He was looking forward to turning four for most of the year, and is already making plans for turning five. He had a superhero-theme going on, although not entirely on purpose. He requested some superhero action figures for his cake, so that was one of the first things we settled. He is also wearing a Superman® cape that his grandparents sent, and we just finished putting together a superhero block set from his great aunt. 

Avey fought off jealousy after Carver became a member of the ultra-exclusive book-of-the-month club, but the kids were all thrilled to share the first installment, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! It even included a hand-made plush pigeon so that they could act out the whole story! Avey looks forward to reading the books to Carver as they come, and she might have a hard time letting go as Carver learns to read. It’s a good thing that Hakan loves to cuddle up with her for a good book.

Carver also scored a dinosaur activity book and a book of mazes. He has never been very interested in coloring, but does enjoy a nice set of stickers, and recently found an appreciation of simple mazes, so we hope that those will keep him occupied for a while.

The older two and I also extended the celebration into Saturday, attending the latest installment of the Kung Fu Panda series. Avey loved it, and Carver got pretty creeped out by the bad guy. Luckily, he is such a solid sleeper that he wasn’t up thinking about it last night.

We are so glad to have Carver in our family. As he approached his birthday, he has decided to mature in many ways. He has stopped wearing a diaper for nighttime, and he has been more helpful around the home. Earlier this last week, for example, he found Hakan’s pacifier on the floor. Knowing that Kira likes to wash them after floor contact, Carver applied his hand-washing abilities to also washing off the beloved binky, and it was all his own idea! He was wildly proud of his contribution – he presented the pacifier to me, and told me his idea. From the excitement and joy in his voice, one might think he had invented penicillin. We made sure to share in his pride, as that skill will be a great help once baby Merritt comes along. Let’s keep his helping momentum going!

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