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Frozen, Too

We finally got a good snow this week. Friday evening came a nice steady snowfall, getting the kids and us very excited for possibilities on Saturday, but the forecast had the temperature in the low 40s for Saturday, so we worried it would all melt. Although most of it did melt by mid-morning, the cloud cover kept it cool enough that there was a lot of slush left. Hannah and Merritt even built a small snowman. I hoped that I wouldn't have to shovel the driveway, but there was still a layer of snow and water, so Avey and I got rid of that before the freezing temperatures into Sunday. And of course, it's been snowing lightly all day. If it weren't for the severe cold, I might be excited. We'll probably venture out into it before the end of the day.

Otherwise, it's been a fairly typical week of wildness. I had a couple more phone calls about my student who'd lied about her project. These were from a different office at the university, but we got a lot sorted out. I don't know what anybody's planning to do yet.

Hannah drove a couple of new routes for her bus driving job this week, and she even drove some solo. She's well-liked by her trainer and colleagues, and seeming more comfortable behind the wheel each day.

The kids have been busy with school stuff, as usual. Hakan passed off a set of sight words he's been working on for a while. He has been very close, but it seems to me that his perfectionism keeps him from saying the word until he's sure what it is, so that he hesitates. Anyway, it was nice to have him accomplish that.

Avey had an awards ceremony at school because she was on the honor roll again, but she decided to stay home for the evening party the school threw on Friday. Kira and Merritt went to support her at the school ceremony, and I stayed home trying to get ready for my semester.

Hakan's 100 Days of School Project

I feel like I had a lot pulling me away from school prep (aside from my lack of motivation). I made a Costco run on Monday, and then a Walmart run later in the week. I had a rough day later in the week when I couldn't seem to fall asleep one night until maybe 5:00 a.m. It's my own fault, because Kira had let me sleep in the morning before, and I think that must have messed up my sleep cycle enough that my brain was trying to solve all of the world's problems all night (with no success). Anyway, my semester starts Tuesday, and I have most of everything prepared, but it's going to be a very busy semester.

I've been distracting myself by changing out most of our light switches to all be the same color and style. Kira got the switches for my Christmas gift, and I've been spending maybe an hour each day replacing one or two at a time. I've got them all used up now, and just need some dual-pole switches now to have them all finished. I don't know if anyone else cares, but I sure prefer the look.

Avey, after enjoying the homemade doughnuts from Nana Laura's so much, was aching to try them all on her own at home. Weren't we thrilled when a package from Nana arrived on Monday with Avey's very own doughnut-shaped dough cutter, along with other supplies and instructions. She made the dough on Friday night, but forgot to cover it with a damp cloth overnight, so that it was dry in the morning when she wanted to continue to the next step. We ran into some challenges trying to correct it, but eventually she got them made, and they turned out pretty well. We sure learned a lot for next time, too.

This week will be busy with me starting back at school, and the cold weather is sure to keep us on our toes.

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