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Well, thank you all for your congratulations, etc. on our happy news! We are very excited to be new parents. We’ve talked some about what makes us so excited and we both agree that it’s the joy and privilege of witnessing and taking part in the forming of a brand new person. We’re ecstatic to get to know our little daughter when she enters the world, and to learn about life all over again as she learns for the first time. Kira hit 20 weeks yesterday, so we’re about halfway there! If any of you noticed the comment about arranged marriages, that was a little idea we had with our good friends, the Bishops. They have two little, adorable boys and we were already talking of a good old-fashioned betrothing before we were sure we’re having a girl. I’ve begun to draw up the papers, now we just need to decide which boy we want little Avey to marry. One is just a few weeks and the other is 18 months or so. Oh, decisions… Speaking of the Bishops, Kira and I now break into tears every time we pass their house (they were neighbors until just a couple of weeks ago). They say they moved to the other side of the country for an internship, but deep down I know that it was because I didn’t bake them cookies often enough (sniff).

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