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Germany Trip – Last days (sniff)

That night we were off to Munich for our final day in Germany. It was much easier finding our hotel this time, and this one was okay. Once again, there were two single beds (I wonder if German couples are really shy), a sink and mirror, but the toilets were one way down the hall and the shower was another way down the hall. The price was reasonable though. We bathed and went to bed after checking email and our bank accounts online. Oh, we also started panicking because there was no phone and no alarm clock in our room and we needed to be up at 3:30 am on Wednesday. We slept okay, though Kira was still quite sick. We were amazed at how less stressful it was because we could leave our bags in the room rather than haul them to the train station lockers. We ate our favorite breakfast: exactly the same as every other day, but we were not really sick of it. It has a lot of charm. After that, we were off t

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