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Germany Trip – Ulm

So, we were then on to Ulm, the last city in which I served, and one of my favorite branches. Ulm is the birthplace of a little guy known as Albert Einstein, and the home of the tallest religious building in the world, the Ulmer Münster (no, it is not made out of cheese). We got in pretty late and it was raining pretty hard, so I had kind of a hard time running between the map and the bus schedule outside to figure out when we needed to be where in the morning to make it to church. We then went on to our place for the night. Compared to our last place, our room in Ulm was like the Ritz (although I’ve never been to the Ritz, I’m sure it was nicer than our hole in Switzerland too). It had two single beds again, but we could push these two together. It was terribly cramped still, but clean and had a nice, fully equipped bathroom. Once we were settled in, I wanted to run get some food, so we headed out on the town and went to another Turkish place. I aske

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