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Got Milk?

Carver has been more picky about his food in the past few weeks, and so we have been forced to try alternatives to his normal menu. One of which he has become a huge fan is milk. He loves to have it in a little cup, with a straw. He slowly slurps it up the straw, and when he hears that he has hit the bottom, he enthusiastically shouts, “Dad! Gotta get some more! Huh?” He places a great deal of emphasis on the “Huh?” What’s especially funny to me is that he repeats it verbatim 3 to 4 times per meal. 

We are slowly getting the concept of another baby into Carver’s head. We explain why Kira’s tummy is getting bigger, and that he will mostly cry and sleep and eat when he is born. Carver speaks so well that we hope he also grasps the idea. I keep emphasizing that we cannot hit babies with our swords, so let’s hope that piece of advice sticks. 

We went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon. It was a pool party, and probably the single greatest event of Carver’s life. Avey had a fun time, but she’s a veteran at the splishing and splashing games. Carver, although we had taken him to the pool several times months ago, embraced the water with as much enthusiasm as we’ve ever seen. It was a bit chilly for me, so I had to ease my way into the pool. Carver, on the other hand, charged right in, caution to the wind. He spent about half of his time with Kira or I supporting his chest and hips so he could kick and “swim,” and the other half he spent going up and down the stairs that lead into the pool. We are glad that swimming will be a good option each day this summer once the baby is born. I can haul the older kids off to the pool while Kira nurses and naps.

We purchased bunk beds on Friday, which means I have some assembly to do when it arrives, and we’ve got a little boy to transition to a real bed in the all-too-near future. I’m sure that experience will provide a wealth of material for this blog…

#Happenings #LittleGems

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