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Gradual Progress

Avey lost another tooth this week – one of her front two. It had been ready to come out for at least a few days, but Avey couldn’t stand the thought of pulling it out until it was hanging by a thread. I think she was most excited to go to school the next day and show off her new smile. 

We spent most of yesterday clearing out a big eyesore from our living room. We bought an entertainment center from some neighbors about 5 years ago. It did its job, but it looked very sad, so when a classmate of mine offered to sell a nice set of cabinets that would make a fantastic TV stand and place to store toys, movies, etc., we took it! The project involved a few hours of moving furniture from my classmate’s to storage and our living room and then taking the old piece to a thrift store, not to mention all of the chaos of rewiring all of our electronics. The work was completely worth it, though; we love the new setup.

A few minutes ago I offered Carver lunch. He did not think he wanted any food, so I offered him some options to see what sounded good. One item I offered was a “grilled cheese sandwich,” to which he replied, “No Dad! I want boy food!” Apparently he thought “grilled” sounded like “girl.”

Hakan has gotten more adorable than ever in the last week or two. He’s really showing his personality. He has learned to wave, clap, and point at the sky whenever we go outside. He doesn’t look at it, but he raises his little fist over his head and says something like, “Ahduh.” He calls just about everything “Ahduh” right now, so we have to use our imaginations a little bit to hear “sky,” but it’s in there. Hakan has also become a food fanatic. Remember our stories of Carver screaming in between his bowls? Hakan is doing a very good impression of that. He gulps down his sweet potatoes, and if we have nothing ready after he’s done swallowing, he gets mad. He screams and then cries like he’s being subjected to the worst torture ever conceived. You would think that he would put on some weight, but you’d be wrong.

We are slowly getting a few boxes packed, and my dissertation defense is scheduled! See you next week!

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