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Grateful for Our Holiday! RU?

We had an (overall great) end to our 2014. The biggest news is that while we were packing to head back to Colorado, I received a phone call with a job offer! Kira and I thought about it and talked it over as we were continuing to pack and travel, and then we decided to accept. Starting Fall 2015, I will be a member of the psychology faculty at Roosevelt University (hence the “RU” in the title) in Chicago!

Roosevelt is a private university, with a very popular psychology program. I was hired to head up the forensic psychology courses that they offer. As I understand it, the courses have been well-attended in the past, so they were looking for someone with my experience in forensic settings, research in corrections, and who loves to teach about it. We are slowly putting all of the pieces together of how we’ll make the move, but we are mostly thrilled to have a tenure-track job lined up before my final semester has even started!

We had a grand Christmas in Colorado, but unfortunately were plagued with poor health; Kira came down with a nasty cough and stuffy nose, which made things less pleasant. We did not get to see all the people we’d hoped, but still had a great time. The kids found it especially tragic to say goodbye to all the fun, but I don’t think they will miss the cold.

Welcome 2015, and another great year!


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