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Growing Up

It seems that we’ve made progress. On Wednesday, Avey announced that she was now a big girl, and it was time to begin sporting her big kid underwear. Not one to stand against progress, Kira encouraged Avey’s newfound maturity and began reinforcing the necessary elements of successful potty training! Avey has been on and off board and, thus, has had some wonderful successes and discouraging accidents. Kira has kept her eyes on the prize though, and is determined to keep moving forward. We’re hopeful that in another week or so, Avey will be fully on board with her determination. She seems to understand the concept of “staying dry” very well, but doesn’t quite seem to understand that it’s okay to release when the time is right.

I can’t say I blame her for having difficulty letting go of old habits. After all, she’s been on this earth for just over 3 years, and all she has ever known is going in a diaper. Changing a life-long habit like that isn’t easy to do in just a few days, especially for a girl like Avey, who prefers to have everything just so. It would be a little like asking me to begin moving everywhere on my knees – I’d show some resistance at times too. It’s exhausting to break old habits!

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