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Today was actually a very good day, filled with good news. The pediatrician came and talked to us with some details about the spinal tap results. She honestly thinks they caught the infection early enough to prevent any permanent damage. That was a huge relief, even though we still need to keep an eye on her.

Her blood and spinal fluid cultures came back clean, meaning no bacteria has grown so far. Obviously, that’s a good sign, but doesn’t mean the bacteria wasn’t there before. The pediatrician also said that her labs are looking like a normal healthy baby now. That’s my girl!

The best news of all was that we found out there’s a good chance Avey could come home with us as early as tomorrow! We’d have to go up to Salt Lake City, get a PICC intravenous line put in her arm, get trained on how to change her fluid at home, and then we could bring her home with us! We had a little bit of homework to complete to improve her chances, including getting a pediatrician in Provo, getting her to eat well, and filling her diapers more.

We hooked up the Dr. in Provo, watched her diapers more closely, and after a rough feeding attempt this morning, were close to throwing in the towel, but two further attempts in the afternoon and evening went very, very well, so our hopes are high!

Thank you again for all your comments and prayers. We’ll get through this yet!

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