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Happy Father’s Day!

Kira here; this is my first (and maybe last) post on the blog. I figure Father’s Day is a worthy cause for me to share my thoughts about…yes, you guessed it, Avey’s AMAZING Daddy! I appreciate the many sides of Eli: the thoughtful man…

the goofy, nerdy boy…

and the darn, handsome stud!

Eli has many excellent qualities and talents such as baking, blogging, enjoying Avey even when she is not really acting very enjoyable, keeping possibly unkind comments to himself when I often blurt out mine to him, seemingly endless patience with Avey and me, making puns, writing, singing, appreciating music, remembering tasks and dates without writing them down, folding baby laundry, doing dishes, grocery shopping, enduring “chick-flicks” and other unclaimed obsessions (American Idol), giving back rubs, and I could continue on and on. He is a punctual and dependable employee, he is loyal, trustworthy, he places others’ convenience above his own, he uses good manners, polite words, and excellent grammar, and he is an unabashedly adoring father. He seems to possess the extra measure of patience for parenting that I lack (perhaps because he is away from Avey all day?) and comes in and “saves” her at the right time. Avey is blessed to have Eli as her father and I am blessed to call him all mine.

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