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Happy Father’s Day 2017

I am beginning to resemble a broken record, I know, when I say that this was a busy week. Quick tangent – does one still use that simile or is it too dated? Perhaps I should say, “I resemble a corrupted .mp3,” although that doesn’t necessarily repeat itself, so maybe we need a new figure of speech. I digress…

In any case, this was a busy week. I spent nearly all of Tuesday at Costco with Avey and Carver. It’s a good 20 minutes away for us anyway, and then we had to restock just about all of our reserves. This last semester I went to another campus on Tuesdays that is right next to a Costco, so I would just pick up whatever we needed each week, but because that convenience is gone for now, we let our resources get to bare bones, as it were, before payday. Avey and Carver wanted to come on the long and boring trip because of the legendary cheap frozen yogurt they serve, along with enormous pizza slices (I split it between the two, and Carver couldn’t even finish his.). We are now fully stocked again: both our cupboards and our tummies. 

We also had a couple of days with some friends Carver’s and Hakan’s ages. Their family is moving, so Kira offered to have their oldest two boys over so that the parents could concentrate on packing. The boys had a blast, and we did it again on Saturday while I went to help them load the truck. All of the extra noise and general chaos wore us old people out, but we were glad to help.

As Avey and I are both home for most of the summer, we both seem to be in a mood to make projects. I replaced our screen door stopper, because it would always bang shut, which we feared would wake sleeping people. After a few adjustments, now it closes so quietly it’s hard to notice. Avey has a mind to get her desk more presentable. Now that she cleaned it for her aunt’s visit (weeks ago), she wants to paint it her favorite color (aqua). She is even thinking of painting the top surface with whiteboard upon which she could doodle. Now that our week of prior commitments is over, maybe we can get to that.

The boys all seem a bit restless. Hakan seems like he needs an adventure each day, and so he resorts to pushing Carver’s buttons. I think we may need to get that kid into a gymnastics class or something so that he can be wild and tumble where people aren’t napping, and who also want to tumble. Carver plays with him well when he’s in the mood, but they just annoy each other when he’s not in the mood. Merritt tries so hard to be like one of the big boys, but often just gets in Hakan’s way. He’ll see Carver and Hakan taking turns tumbling on the couch, doing somersaults and such, and he wants to try too. The problem is that he’s likely to just roll right off the couch and onto the floor, so he needs constant supervision to be kept safe, and out of his brothers’ way. Maybe when they’re all older, they can go do yard work together for entertainment (Don’t burst my bubble on Father’s Day.).

This coming week promises to be a little easier. The weather should be cooler than usual, and we have fewer obligations on the schedule. I’m sure the little ones will find a way to make it interesting, though.


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