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Happy Father's Day 2022, By: Kira

This year, as I think about my father, Terry, and my grandpa-Rex, I have fond memories. I picture them singing beautiful, uplifting, spiritual duets (accompanied by my grandma, Alene), as well as comedic duets, such as “Ya don stomped on my heart, and ya mashed that sucker flat”. Songs such as this always made us laugh. Both my grandpa and dad were extroverted, gregarious men. They were go-getters, entrepreneurs at heart, hard working, and always doing something productive. As I've noted in past years, I appreciate all my dad taught me. He was a do-er. He rarely slept in, especially being up on Saturdays mowing the grass, washing cars, etc. wondering why we teenagers were still in bed. My dad spent time with me by teaching me how to do things-both chores, like learning to mow the grass and the "proper" way to clean a toilet, and fun things, like water-skiing and singing. We had many meaningful conversations as a family, but my dad's forte was in the doing. I tend to be more of a thinker and planner, and so I appreciate his example of teaching me to DO those things. And Eli, as the father of our children, is also a fabulous do-er. As I plan things, he will just get up and do them! As I have said in past years as well, Eli DOES A LOT. For most of our 17 years together he has done MOST of the dishes, more of the cooking, laundry, cleaning etc. than I do I think. But Eli is a ponderer, too. I enjoyed when we were dating the deep spiritual and philosophical conversations we had. Eli has a tender side that considers emotions, especially mine, and how to care for me. I feel deep gratitude, and emotional, as I think about the thought, then DOING effort Eli puts in to put my needs first, and take care of me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Indeed, he often put my needs before his own. This is endearing and selfless, and sometimes I have to encourage him to take some time to care for himself as well. Of course, he acts this way as a father as well. He is truly my better half, and I am better because of him. What support and love he brings to us all! We love you Eli! Sincerely, Kira

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