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Happy Father’s Day! (Tribute by Kira)

Happy Father’s Day! Today I am filled with gratitude for my husband, father, and grandfather. My grandma gave me the history of the very first Hakan, who is this new baby’s third great-grandfather, and I have a new appreciation and gratitude to him for his sacrifices for his family and beliefs. I have fond memories of fun and laughter with Grandpa Rex Kofford, and I am grateful and blessed that he lived close by, giving me many memories of him while growing up. He is a great example and an important part of my life. I appreciate my father, who taught me most importantly how to work, and in my younger childhood memories I remember his games with us, which makes me smile. I have deep respect and appreciation for my dad’s daily struggles and efforts to provide shelter and clothing for his large family. He is a good example of hard work, determination, and humor. I love him and respect him. Last, but never least, is my dear husband. My appreciation for him has deepened with a new baby joining our family. I say often that he is the best “Mr. Mom” I know of. He does many of the traditional “mom chores” better than I do! He has pulled his weight and more taking care of everything else while I take care of Hakan. My love for him deepens also as we are partners in bringing this new baby to the earth. He is so helpful and supportive when I am in labor, my perfect labor coach! It feels odd to be married nine years, and I do not feel that old! But as I look through those nine years, I see the innocent, excited, new love we started with at our wedding, and how that love has deepened and solidified with time, trials, pain, struggle, and learning to stand fast to each other with commitment through those things. While I don’t invite struggle and pain, I would not trade what it has taught me and brought me in my marriage at this point. Thank you, Eli, for being my friend, my help mate, my love, and the incredible, awesome, best father to our children. With love, Kira

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