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Happy Fathers’ Day 2016

Warm hugs and slugs on the shoulder to all of you fathers out there. I got spoiled today by sleeping in until 7:45 (after getting awoken by the boys twice before), and Kira threw together my favorite breakfast for me – waffles and bacon! Best of all, Carver made me some pictures and Avey made me a very thoughtful card. I was touched and humbled earlier in the week when I learned that Avey worked especially hard over the last week to earn $5 so that she could buy me a gift from her favorite store. I’m wearing it as I type this (a Star Wars t-shirt – my first ever – awesome!). To balance things out, Hakan gave me a run for my money this morning, refusing to touch a bite of the food I made him unless he could sit in my lap and answer questions. For one of the questions, I asked, “Hakan, what is your favorite color?” He thought for a moment, and then answered, “Elephant!”

I am very grateful this Fathers’ Day for each of my kids. Merritt is in a wonderful phase of pretty regular smiles as long as he’s fed and rested, and the older kids are excellent reminders of what fun we have to look forward to as he develops. Avey and Carver have put forth extra effort to become friends this summer, and are doing wonderfully. Avey has actually been disappointed a few times when she went looking for Carver and found him busy with something. I am so proud of my wonderful children, and I am constantly amazed at their maturity.

I am recovering a bit from helping a family move. I’d been having some back trouble anyway, but mostly just needed to stretch a bit here and there to be just fine. I tried to take it easy at the move yesterday, but overdid it with an especially heavy and awkward dresser. It’s nothing major again – I mostly just need to stretch it out periodically, but it’s no fun either.

This next week is the last of the summer course I’ve been teaching, and then I get to work at home for most of the rest of the summer. I still have a lot of research to catch up on, but at least I can do that at times that are convenient (whatever that means) rather than scheduled.

Avey and Carver start swimming lessons tomorrow, so that should be a nice outing for them and hopefully a little more peace and quiet at home. Although, Hakan and Merritt have a way of keeping us on our toes even without the older kids…

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