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Happy Mom Day!

And thus we celebrate another Mother’s Day. Avey has been psyched about today for a while now, as she has been preparing all sorts of small, thoughtful gifts for Kira. They are hidden throughout the apartment as I type this. Carver halfheartedly scribbled a few pages of a Mother’s Day coloring book. Hakan has no clue what’s going on. I suppose that the positive side is that the boys will come to appreciate their mother more and more as they grow. Our appreciation for our mothers grows each year as we better understand what they did for us. How my mother managed six of us is nothing short of astounding! 

This week was another busy one. The highlight was Avey’s school show. They did a musical called “Character Matters”. It’s a delightful and witty piece with some catchy tunes. Avey had four parts, including her main role as Goldilocks. No offense to the other kids, but Avey was easily the best one on stage; she was loud and clear, hit her notes, knew her lines, and her acting was from the heart. It was so much fun to watch her.

Kira had a particularly busy week too. A former client contacted her and requested to meet with her at least twice. That turned out to be quite the ordeal with preparation and some of the scheduling, but it is all over now. Kira may not want to get back to work too quickly once we’re in Illinois. She needs a full time secretary to make it all worth it! Maybe Avey can work for her…

Hakan really got into finger foods this week. He started mowing down little cereal crumbs on his tray, and spends half of his play time searching the floor for tiny morsels that his siblings have let fall from their meals. He’s now up to 6 teeth poked through, so he must be looking for things to use them on. 

Graduation is next Saturday, so we’re looking forward to having about half of my family in town, and even Kira’s parents! It will be fun to show the kiddies off again!


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