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Happy Mother’s Day! (Kira’s Tribute to HER Mom)

Happy Mother’s Day! As a new mom – for the 4th time – this is a poignant Mother’s Day for me. I enjoyed having my own mother with me for 9 days for Merritt’s birth. I thank my mother for all she is and does for me. She is my teacher, supporter, confidant, cheerleader, impressive example, forebearer, and friend. The more I take on the responsibilities and drudgery of motherhood, the more I almost daily reflect on watching and learning from my mother how she coped with the challenges of motherhood. I respect and value her example of coping with stressors. I recall that she would manage her challenges with things like singing to us, explaining/teaching us, calling friends and family for support, being silly with us, talking and acting realistically, meaning she did not pretend to be well or happy when she wasn’t, she would keep moving until the work was done, but she also took time to relax and do fun things with us. She was/is not a perfect mom, but the more I struggle, the more I respect and stand in awe of all she DID do well, and all she accomplished and overcame as a mother of 5 children. I am so blessed and grateful for her hallmark of excellence and continued example to me now. I have been molded in many positive ways because God made her MY mom. I love you Mom! Sincerely, Kira

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