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Haunted Hallways

As usual, we spent a lot of our week busy with normal life. We had a string of colds running through the boys, somehow sparing the girls again. That led to disturbed sleep for everyone, but the symptoms are slowly easing. 

We held on for Saturday when we could finally enjoy some play time, preparing for Halloween. Kira planned to attend a baptism in the morning, probably looking forward to a little quiet time away, but when Carver caught wind of it, he wanted to go along. Never one to be left behind, Hakan suddenly grew interest as well, so it became a scramble to get everyone in their Sunday best and out the door in time. I stayed home and did projects and cleaning while Merritt took a much needed nap.

We got three pumpkins so that the older three could design something, and Merritt just tried to get in on the mess as we cleaned them out. He’s in a new phase of mobility, where he can climb onto our kitchen chairs and then, in turn, onto the kitchen table. He doesn’t do it all the time, but just when it is most aggravating to us parents.

Anyway, after the pumpkins were carved to everyone’s liking, we took them into the basement and turned off all of the lights to make sure they passed the spooky test. Then came the moment to get into costumes, as there was a Trunk-or-Treat at Kira’s ward. It was quite the chaotic scene as nearly everybody changed their costume idea at least once, and then we all made several last-minute changes. 

Everyone was pretty satisfied with their costumes by the time we got out the door. Merritt didn’t like the feel of the leather shorts at first, but eventually got used to it, or at least distracted by all of the costumes at the party. 

Hakan at first wanted to go as his favorite superhero, Batman. He changed his mind for a little while when he found out that our bumblebee costume fit him well, but reverted back to Batman as the moment of truth drew near.

Avey had plenty of ideas, but settled onto a ninja, even fashioning a ninja star. Here she is pictured with escrima sticks, ready to take on any foe.

Carver strayed from his Optimus Prime (transformer) costume only for a little while when he tried on a vampire costume we have. He tried on a Power Ranger mask that seemed to go with it, too. 

The party was fun, but lacked the games that the years past had included for kids. They tried some of the bread and noodles from the chili cook-off, but then mostly just wandered around waiting for the candy. Once that started, the night was suddenly enjoyable for them again. They’re looking forward to the real deal on Tuesday, too. 

In other news, Hakan’s potty training has been going swimmingly, especially in the last few days. Most mornings he’ll awake with a dry diaper, and he’s had almost no accidents during the daytime. Two mornings ago, when the boys both got up before Kira or I, Carver took it upon himself to let us sleep a little longer and helped Hakan get out of his dry night diaper and use his little potty, then get into underwear. Kira and I were very impressed with his initiative and thoughtfulness. Perhaps this is a new trend that will spread through all of our children…


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