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Have an Ice Day

We started the week off pretty rough without a dishwasher, with me starting work again in the city, and with very cold weather on its way through.

We made MLK day a busy one while I worked from home and Kira took all four kids to the library and then an indoor park to get them out of the house. They had a good time, and then Kira had a phone appointment with her client on Monday, so at least she didn’t have to drive to Illinois, and she could come upstairs and give the boys some kisses for bedtime.

This semester I don’t even start classes until the afternoon, so I spent Tuesday morning helping get the kids off to school before getting myself ready for work, and then Kira and Merritt took me to the train station. The first day is usually rather dull as we just go over the syllabus and I work to memorize names, but I think it will be a good semester. The weather was rainy, but it was getting very cold so that the roads were getting icy and hazardous, so they let the kids out of school early, and I was home just after 5 to help with dinner feeding and bedtime.

Due to the weather, they announced a 2-hour delay on Wednesday for the kids, but then in the morning we learned that they would just cancel school. I waited a while before taking the car to Schaumburg, where I teach on Wednesdays for the semester. The roads seemed fine. It took me 2 hours to get home, so I’m going to have to come up with some way to stay sane on those drives.

Thursday was a normal day, and our dishwasher part came in the mail. I put it in and got it all back together in just a few minutes and she’s running like new now. Thank goodness that was the right part! It cost only $10. I was so thrilled to have fixed the problem for so cheap that I made an instructional video and posted it in case anyone else runs into the same problem.

Friday was another 2-hour delay due to extreme cold. We’re hovering around single-digits lately, and have some negative forecasts coming up this week. I worked from home for the day. Around dinner time, Avey came into the kitchen with blood in her mouth, and explained that she lost a molar. She was just biting on something and out it came. It’s a baby tooth, of course, but the funny thing is that it wasn’t even as loose as the one right next to it, which is bound to come out any minute now, it seems.

Saturday, after some cleaning, a haircut blitz, and bathing of the boys, we took off to Bass Pro Shops for an outing. The store was very cool, as the whole thing is covered in displays of taxidermy and even some real fish and a waterfall. The kids had a good time, and we kept them from freezing, so that’s a good day.

Today, we awoke to even more snow and frigid temperatures, so it looks like another day of staying indoors. It’s a good thing we’ve got space for the kids to run around, and a place for Avey to hide out. If the last week was any indication, we’re likely to have more school delays this week.

Merritt has been really funny lately as he’s learning to say more phrases. One of his favorite things to say lately when he’s worked up is “An’ a’ bunchyouinanananabase!” What he wants to say is “Punch you in the face!” He says it sometimes when he’s mad, but also just when he’s really excited about something. We’ll try to catch it on video sometime.


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