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High Hopes

I had a fantastic job interview on Tuesday with that company for whom I really want to work. They all seem very nice and the job sounds like it’d be great experience and the pay would be plenty to live off of. Turns out Kira actually knows some of them through her job, and so that was kind of an “in” I hope. There was a small chance I would hear back Friday, but nothing yet. I know they were checking references Thursday, so I should hear early this week. Thursday morning I got a job offer from that month long position at the preschool. I told them thanks, but no thanks. I’m just worried that that would be during the window of turnover from the semester and all and that I would miss the good jobs. And truly, more opportunities are coming up, so any day now… Yesterday was one of the busier Saturdays in recorded history. Kira had enrichment in the morning and right after that, we headed up to Draper for our eldest nephew’s birthday. So get this – every time we’re over there, he begs me for transformer stories, talks my ear off about how so-and-so transforms into whatever, and tells everyone in the house at least a hundred times a day how he is going to be Optimus Prime (the coolest transformer ever) when he grows up. He has transformers on his wall, sleeps with his Optimus Prime on his bedpost, and every other word out of his mouth is either “Autobot” (good transformer) or “Decepticon” (bad transformer). So naturally we bought him a little transformer for his birthday. He opened it up and was just thrilled. Among the exclamations was the question, “How did you know I like transformers?” Oh, it was just a lucky guess Brayden… Oh, right, I was talking about Saturday. So after the birthday festivities, we went straight to babysitting for Kira’s old roommate’s brother. Confused? They have three beautiful little blond balls of energy that some call “daughters”. Luckily, one of them can’t talk because the other two are always saying something. Loudly. That didn’t last very long though, so we then came home and got a phone call inviting us back up to Draper today, Sunday. That’s a bit of a long story, so I’ll skip it and just say that we went up to help pack and babysit in a sort of desperate situation. Anyhoo, not a whole lot else to speak of for the week. I spent a good part of Friday up in Draper also, helping where I could. If you did your math, you know that means I went to Draper three days in a row this week. Now you’re going to go back and reread some stuff just to check, aren’t you?

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