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Home Alone

As a graduate student in the final year of my program, days off of school do not mean very much. Adding to the problem is the fact that The University of Texas at El Paso held classes through Wednesday this last week. Avey, on the other hand, had the entire week off. Because Kira was going to be home with three children for half of the week while I was on campus, and because she has wanted to visit her brother for a while now, and because our neighbor has family on the way and was willing to go with, Kira decided to take the kids on a road trip for the week out to Houston, while I stayed to get some work done.

I did manage to get a good amount done, even working half of Thursday before coming home to make my little meal. From her reports, it sounds like Kira worked much harder than I this week. Carver became ill Thursday, and the kids had some trouble sleeping in the unfamiliar setting. They are returning this afternoon, hopefully with good memories. 

I am certainly excited to have them back. The week was fairly routine in many ways in that I got myself to campus by 8 each morning and stayed until 5, but when I was home it was with mixed feelings; I enjoyed the quiet, and the uninterrupted sleep, but along with those came the void of bachelorhood. I can’t wait to get them back and have people shout “Daddy!” when I come home.

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend!


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