• Elijah Ricks


Yesterday we got the fantastic news that Avey could come home with us! The pediatrician said her labs looked much much better. In fact, she said that she had never seen a baby with such bad labs at birth and then be where she is only 4 days after that. That’s my girl!

So around 1, after she got her last shot of antibiotics, we were off to Salt Lake to get a PICC line put in. That’s a line for an IV where a thin, long tube is inserted into her arm and the line travels almost to her heart. This allows for quick disbursement of the medicine and it’s the kind of thing that will not fall out very easily. I should point out, however, that I now hold a personal grudge to the persons who poked that thing inside of her. Actually, she didn’t even cry. The part she whimpered at the most, was taking off the tape from her wrist. What a trooper!

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