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I am presently sitting at my mother’s kitchen table as I type this, for I am in Colorado. I broke away from the kiddos for a few days to be here as my youngest brother arrived home from Japan. It’s been a great trip so far – my sister also came out, and brought one of my nephews with her, so it’s been a little bit of a family reunion.

We spent the first day preparing for his arrival, and subsequent open house. I mowed the lawn while my sister and her roommate (who also made the trip) painted the window with a big “Welcome Home” sign.

That’s sushi rolls on the bottom, a “Hello Kitty” missionary on the left, and the Japanese flag on the right.

It seemed to take forever for the evening to come, when Isaac’s flight would arrive. Finally, we took off for the airport, saw that his flight had landed, and watched as person after person flowed out of the terminal. Just when it seemed like he was never coming, we spotted him. He was home!

He’s been in good spirits (after a good night of sleep), and it’s been fun hearing about all of the cultural differences and things he’s seen. It’s so nice to have been here for it.

Kira has been home with the kiddies the whole time, doing her best to keep up with their constant demands. Naturally, Hakan had come down with a cold just a few days before my trip, and Kira woke up with symptoms the morning I was to leave. It sounds like things have been hectic, but they are surviving. I wish I could have the rest of the week off when I get home Monday, but I’ll have to head right back to work the next day.

Maybe one of these days we can get Kira away on a vacation while I wrestle the kids. Or maybe they will grow up and take care of themselves in a few years…


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