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House Hunting

You may recall from the last post that we will be moving in the next few weeks to be closer to my new place of work. Kira has done a wonderful job researching places to look at, and yesterday we set up to see several options in Canon City, just a few miles from the prison. It gave us a good feel for the size of the town, and we saw quite the range of homes. The first one was humongous – much more space than we needed – and the second was teeny tiny. Then we saw several in between: old, new, trashy, classy, etc. Avey had a blast checking out all of the potential stomping grounds, and was a great sport being in and out of her car seat all day.

Alas, after all of the time and hunting, we think we should take another trip to see a few more before deciding. Maybe we’re just spoiled, but we want it to have everything, but also not cost too much. And the biggest hurdle is, I still haven’t seen one with a racquetball court.

Reality still has not fully sunk in for me. Even picturing us living in a new place has not motivated me enough to start packing. Eventually, I’m sure the thought of commuting every day will.


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