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How Far We’ve Come

This week Kira and I celebrated seven years of marriage. We left Avey with a sitter, and mini-man crashed our party as we went out to a little Italian restaurant.

We’ve been married now for nearly one fourth of our lives, and have been through several significant (and often life-changing) events. We’ve earned three degrees from two universities between us, moved five times, worked diverse jobs, and gone through financial, emotional, and even spiritual highs and lows. At the restaurant, Carver served as a hovering reminder of what has no doubt been the most significant journey we’ve taken together: becoming parents.

I’m glad to have shared and continue to experience all of these things with Kira. Eventually I will graduate. Some day we’ll settle down and unpack everything. Before too long we’ll both retire. Perhaps the peaks and valleys will be less frequent. And the children will certainly grow. But at least through all of the life events that are sure to come, Kira and I will face them together.

I’m excited to see what the next seven years will bring!


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