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How to Raise a Streaker

Mindful parents that we are, we often bathe our children. Both Avey and Carver enjoy the chance to splash and play and get everything wet, even though they have to suffer through the parts where they need to get scrubbed clean. When she was younger, Avey’s favorite part of the bath came afterward as we would wrap her in a towel and cuddle up with her to keep her warm. 

Carver’s favorite part of bathing, incidentally, also comes after getting out of the tub. But in contrast to Avey, who preferred to be held, Carver can hardly stand to be held. I pull him out of the tub when the time comes, and then struggle to soak up a few drops of water from his drenched body while he excitedly tries to break free of my grip. He plops onto the floor, and then runs as fast as he can from one end of the apartment to the next, squealing with delight to the shrieks and gasps from his sister and mother. 

We will need to break him of that before college.

Another recent event in our home is the invasion of Frozen, Disney’s latest hit. Avey, Kira, and I watched it over winter break, and then not much happened until earlier this week. Avey wanted to find a clip of it on YouTube, so we found it and watched it. We then followed some of the other videos, including the scene with the song “Let it Go“. Avey loves it, but surprisingly, Carver instantly became obsessed with it. Here is a video of him lost in the music:

Approximately 50 of those views are from us. He wants to watch it seven or eight times in a row after he wakes up and before he goes to bed. I thought it was a catchy song the first 35 times I heard it. Now I’m beginning to think one can have too much of a good thing.

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