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I’ve been tagged!

Well, our “good” friends the Bishops have tagged us. As I understand it, that means I have to share 8 things about myself that few know. So let’s give this a whirl…

1. I HATE ONIONS!!! Although I try to vocalize this wherever I go, whomever I’m with, whatever I’m eating, it still tends to surprise people.

2. I’m the baker in the family. The word is getting out on this one, but it still is an interesting aspect of our marriage. I do all the baking, and Kira and I share in most of the rest of the cooking (or used to before she was pregnant).

3. As a little kid I would twirl my hair around my finger as I went to sleep until it got all snagged in knots and then I would “comb” out the knots with my finger and start all over again. I think it was just a form of stimulation for my brain. I think it also explains a lot why I’m balding in those same areas.

4. I lived in Colorado since 1991 (minus my mission) and then in Utah since 2005, and yet have never once been snow skiing.

5. I have not read one Harry Potter book. I have to be careful telling this to too many people or the wrong crowd, but there it is. I think it’s mostly the rebel in me, resisting anything that “everybody’s” doing. I will read them eventually, but not until long after all the hype has died down. Please don’t hate me…

6. I’m really excited to have tea time with little Avey, and to do her hair for church every week, and bake cookies and brownies together. I’m really a hopeless romantic in a lot of ways.

7. I am extremely ticklish, and have been for all of my life. When I was a kid, my family would pin me down and tickle me until I peed my pants (I can’t believe I’m posting this on the Internet). To this day, any contact with my tummy or ribs all the way up to my underarms sends me into a giggle-fit.

8. I pretty much have to have music playing no matter what I’m doing; dishes, homework, cleaning, reading, writing, cooking, whatever. It soothes me, and keeps me sane. Kira is not like this at all and is used to silence when working but luckily, it doesn’t bother her to have music playing either.

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