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There’s a lot about our new place that I really like. I am a huge fan of our garage, I love the yard, and the space gives us plenty of room to stretch out. But I think my favorite part is something we brought with us:

I’ve had a bigger TV on my wishlist for a few months now. For the first 5 years of our married life we’ve been watching our movies on a 20″ screen like cavemen. Finally, after saving lots of pennies, we’ve upgraded to full HD! We tried it out last night with our first Blu-ray Netflix, The Water Horse. It’s amazing how clear and sharp it all is.

The stupid thing is that now we’ve moved far enough into the boonies that we can’t get an antenna signal. We’re really not big enough into TV that we want to go with cable – the new one is mostly for movies – but I’d really like to be able to watch the news at night. So it’s not like we have a nice TV that we can’t do anything with, but it’s been feeling that way as I’ve tried out different options and gotten no signal at all. Oh well, the movies look fantastic, and I can still hook up the ol’ laptop to watch streaming video.

In the meantime, we’ve been getting a better feel for the town, and I’ve been in training with the Department of Corrections all week. It will sure be nice to have the day off tomorrow!


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