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Both Carver and Hakan are still suffering through their illness. Hakan is doing much better, but still has a cough and runny nose. He is sleeping about as well as usual, and his appetite has not changed much. He is trying to make the best of it, and doesn’t seem to realize that he is sick. 

Carver, on the other hand, is literally suffering through. The poor guy had some stomach problem from Thanksgiving through about the following Monday, and then we hit the eye of the storm. Here is a brief glimpse of what he was like in between the rough patches – just happy to feel a little better:

He was quizzing each of us over and over about what we would do if we encountered various beasts in a forest, and then he’d tell us, “Good choice!”

Unfortunately, this Carver has been all but lost. Soon after this footage he came down with a fever, and his cough has gotten only worse. He’s been in his bed for about 40 of the last 48 hours. His appetite has waned considerably too. We’ve got him going to the doctor tomorrow to figure out what we’re dealing with, but I have a suspicion that the poor guy is battling pertussis. It breaks our hearts to see him so miserable for so long.

To make matters worse, I am heading out of town in just a few hours for two days. It’s not really something I can get out of, so poor Kira will need to deal with all the invalids. On the positive side, Carver’s desire to stay in bed and loss of appetite mean that there’s less to do for him during the day, but nighttime is when it all hits the fan. He needs something every couple of hours in addition to Hakan wanting food. Keep Kira and the kids in your thoughts/prayers.

In other news, I want to document the white elephant gift I made for our lab holiday party on Friday. I made an Eli Action Figure!

 It was a big hit, and now Avey wants to make one of herself! Fun times!


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