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You parents all know what a handful children can sometimes be. Just when things are quiet you realize that you should probably panic. We were reminded of that just a few days ago.

Things were running as normal in our little household. Spring Break was in full swing, so Avey was trying to keep herself busy, Hakan was doing his best to find new places to explore, and Carver was…up to no good, as it turns out.

He was off in the nether regions of our home, entertaining himself, when Kira discovered that he had locked himself in our room. He has been keeping a small set of keys with him at all times, apparently very interested in security. He pretends to lock and unlock our front door a lot. Unfortunately, he overestimated his powers when he turned the little lock on our doorknob.

As a veteran adventurer, he was unmoved by the inability to leave our room, and was of no help trying to unlock the door from the inside. The knob has a tiny hole to unlock it in just such emergencies, but Kira could not get the tools she tried to work. After some thought, she decided that she could remove the doorknob entirely or just remove the screen to our room.

Before actually going through with it, she decided to call the complex office to see which would be more expensive to replace if she did permanent damage. Fortunately, they sent a maintenance man right over, who removed the doorknob and set the little unrepentant toddler free. 

It could have been much worse – for example, had Hakan been in there with him. We got a little tutorial and some practice with how to open the doors through that little hole from my wonderful Auntie, so we are feeling much more prepared should he feel the need for some privacy again. 

Needless to say, Kira is thrilled that Spring Break is now officially over, and she can be spread ever so slightly less thin. 

#Happenings #LittleGems #OnParenthood

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