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Indiana, Memphis, and Home Again

This was my spring break, but rather than relax and enjoy it, I decided to work, chase kids around, and travel. I made Monday a typical day of work, catching up on grading and such. We then had a normal Monday night with Kira at work while I fed kids and got them to bed. Avey and I then sat down for a movie. 

Tuesday, I had planned to take over the house so Kira could have some time off. That almost got canceled after Merritt had a bizarre early morning. He fussed and then joined us in bed, but then kept crying out every 20 minutes, and then around 4 a.m., he started dry heaving that often. I finally got up with him a little after 5, and he had some water and then threw it up about 10 minutes later. Kira got a little more sleep, and then we decided that she should go ahead and take her day off, because it was still the best day for it. I got the kids to school and kept a close eye on Merritt. He suddenly gained back his appetite around 10, and then ate a large breakfast. He was fine the rest of the week, so we are puzzled by all that needless loss of sleep.

Tuesday night was Avey’s first violin recital of the year. She played a song by herself, accompanied only by the piano. She did very well, and is motivated to practice more often.

We were quite impressed with how well-behaved the boys were, too. Merritt was especially entertained during the recital:

Wednesday was back to a normal day. I spent some time on work things at the library, trying to clean up some of my notes for my courses.

Thursday, Kira and I decided that we would spend the day checking out some potential places to move in Indiana. It’s not official, but we’ve been toying with the idea of living in Indiana while still working in Illinois. I have been growing increasingly wary of the financial outlook of Illinois, with the second-highest property taxes in the nation, an enormous deficit, and no real plan to improve things. We scouted out several areas, with some promising results. It was a long and dull trip, but we are fortunate to have children who are excellent travelers. Hakan napped while we drove home, and Merritt just watched outside the window, happy as a clam. We’ll let you know if and when we decide to move.

On Friday, I flew to Memphis, Tennessee for the annual conference I attend. It was a great trip, mostly because I got to catch up with old friends from graduate school. It was also a cool trip because I brought along two of my students, one of whom presented her dissertation. I feel like a real mentor!

This year, the conference was at The Peabody Hotel, where they have a tradition of marching ducks through the lobby each day. Too bad the kids couldn’t be here!

I made the conference trip shorter this year, and I’m glad I did. I was not built for hotels night after night, even if I get interrupted sleep in my own bed. I am at the airport now, about to fly home. There’s really nothing like the reception I get from the kids – even after a day at work, Merritt squeals like I’m Santa Claus at Christmas as soon as I walk in the door. 

We have a pretty standard week ahead, but the kids’ spring break is on its way.  


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