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Insult to Injury

Carver enjoys praying, probably mostly because it means he gets to have everyone’s attention for a few minutes. As such, he has adopted some funny habits. For one, his prayers have gotten longer – he used to say two-sentence prayers, and now he will ramble on and on, cycling through what he has already said. Another recent development is that he will hop around, sort of to accent certain words in his sentence. The third is his subject matter; he certainly picked up from us being thankful when Carver has good naps. Carver started to toss this phrase into his prayers too – going down the list of family members, being thankful that they had good naps. Naturally, the cruel joke that he does not understand is that far too often, Kira and I do not get naps at all. He is kind to constantly remind us: “Thankful [sic] Daddy had a good nap!” as I struggle to keep from slumping over on the floor.

It was a good week, though. The biggest news is that I received word that I was awarded a grant to fund my dissertation! That will be very helpful to recruit participants, and I now have 5 places from which I can sample. Hopefully I’ll have all of my data by Christmas!

Avey had some testing this week at school. We’re sure she passed with flying colors, but still, we would like to see the results. She has still been blowing through her books like nobody’s business. She will often shout out as she’s reading, warning the characters about something, or simply laughing at one of the jokes. Then she wants to get Kira or me into the story, so she’ll begin reading out loud. She told Kira the other day that because she can read chapter books now, she probably reads faster than Kira. I suppose it’s hard to be humble when you’re so close to perfection.

She had a good moment of honesty a few days ago. A friend of hers since kindergarten was having trouble understanding how to complete a counting assignment, and asked Avey to fill in the numbers for her. Avey, suspecting how that might seem dishonest, politely refused, and later told the teacher that her friend was having some trouble with the assignment. They are still friends, and the teacher handled the situation very well by not embarrassing Avey’s friend, and we were very impressed that Avey did not give in to peer pressure, even at this young age. I can’t [won’t] believe she’ll be seven in a few weeks!

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